Carrying Cases

Our carrying cases are designed for the transportation of your birds on longer journeys in total safety as they enable you to leave the feeders and drinkers in place and there is no need to ‘cover up’.

Double Carrying Case

Suitable for carrying finch and budgerigar size birds
Size: 14” x 14” x 12” (350 x 350 x 300mm) when closed
Price: £45.00 each

Large Double Carrying Case

Suitable for carrying cockatiel and small parrot type birds
14” x 14” 16” (350 x 350 x 410mm) when closed
Price: £65 each

Single Carrying Case

Price: £20 each

Quad Carrying Case

Price: £85 each

Our transporter cases are low level cases which are designed for the carrying of your birds on shorter journeys e.g. to and from shows.

Transporter Case – Treble

Size: 18” x 10” 7” (460 x 250 x 170mm)
Price: £45 each